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Thatcher's News






I am 3 years old! I’m talking all of the time and most of the time I people know what I am saying but I’ll tell you what...when people can’t understand me it drives me crazy! So crazy I tend to throw tantrums. I really like for you to look at me when I’m talking to you. So much so that I’ll grab your face and turn it towards mine and say “look at me!” I spent my summer in the pool taking swim lessons at Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club—I thought my swim instructors were VERY pretty. I go to Sherry’s daycare on Tuesdays through Fridays and have so much fun playing with my friends. The other night my mom wanted to know who the boss was. She was thinking this was a choice I’d be making between her and my dad. Clearly my answer is “Sherry!” On Mondays I hang out with BaBa and we have a great time. I’m not allowed to lock him out of the car anymore and I had to be potty trained before he’d spend the entire day with me. So far, so good! Did I mention how cute I am. You’ll have to check out my pictures.
















Cassidy's News

I am 7 years old and in 1st grade at Rock Creek Elementary School. It is definitely way better than being a baby kindergartener and having to play on the baby playground. I spent my summer at the Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club taking .swim lessons and being on the dive team. It was a great summer and now I think I want to also be on the swim team. Right now I am a cheerleader for the Raiders Football and Cheer. It’s a lot of fun and I love cheering at the football games. In January I get to play basketball which is really exciting since I’ve never played before. I have lots of really good friends and like to hang out, wear make-up, and go to Libby Lu and shop. My mom and dad say they can’t believe how pretty I am.

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Watch me on the diving board.




JD's News

Being a daddy to 2 kids is both a challenging and rewarding experience. It is so amazing to witness my childrens growth, both developmentally and physically. Between work, and being a father I am extremely busy but feel I am able to lead a balanced life—it would be more balanced if I were fly-fishing and/or golfing every evening or drinking mojitos on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta—YUM! I have just opened my own consulting business. It is Pacific Network ArchitecturesComputer Solutions Made Simple. I am very exciting about this new adventure in my life and appreciate any referrals you can send my way.


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Heidi's News

This is my 2nd year as a counselor at Tahoma Senior High School. The High School is a great place and I work with wonderful people. This year I am working with the seniors and they are VERY TALL! They are a great group of kids and the job is fantastic. I learn so much every day which is truly awesome. Full time is still an adjustment but it’s not so bad. I’m thankful I’m finished before Cassidy gets home from school and that Thatcher loves his daycare. We have now lived in our house for 10 years longer than planned—which means we’ve been in the valley for 10 years—it’s okay if you’re laughing right about now—I can finally laugh about it too. We have a great home, great friends and great schools so what more could I want (besides a bigger house).

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Jamaica's News

Jamaica Chasing the ball

Jamaica Chasing the ball

Jamaica is still a love—she’s fat, neurotic and naughty still but she’s still a love. What can I say?! I’m trying to convince J.D. my next dog needs to be a Labradoodle but he’s not going for it. Somebody help me please!!